[Declined] #Mohamed

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[Declined] #Mohamed

Postby #Mohammed » Sat May 09, 2015 2:56 pm

In-game nickname:#Mohamed

How old are you?: 20 years old

Male or Female: Male

Country: Libya

Since how long did you start playing MTA?:
i started play almost a 1 year ago , and this a server was first server i play to it .

What kind of in-game skills do you have?
DD, and Shooter, but i like DD .

Have you been in other clans?
Yes ... (Warriors)

Are there any MX members who may know you?:
I know topRed ,and saiven , and JJ , and maybe rafis .

Why do you want to join MX?:
because it is the first server i enter to it, and I am addicted on this a server, maybe i play half day, and in all honesty I like it and I like the behavior of members the MX clan , .. so i want join to MX clan , and to i be part of them
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