[Declined] #Winii^

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[Declined] #Winii^

Postby elwini13 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:42 pm

In-game nickname: #Winii^

How old are you?: My name is Luis, I have 18 years old.
I am currently studying to be a programmer. I really like working with robots. Also, most of the time I pass it on this server.

Male or Female: Male

Country: Mexico

Since how long did you start playing MTA?:
I started playing in mta 4 years ago. I started on a server where I spent most of my time. I spent a lot of time playing on that server. Then started an idea of ​​creating a server. The idea was growing when I met a player and that helped me get ahead on my server. Sadly the server that had planned was unable to progress because it stopped being inactive in mta for a few months. Even though the server is still standing, I only hope in some day to decide and be able to host it.

What kind of in-game skills do you have? (Gamemodes):

I like all the modalities that this server has and it should be noted that I have skills in all modalities of the server.

Have you been in other clans? (Name them):

Are there any MX members who may know you?: Compa, Jessye, TopRed

Why do you want to join MX?:

I play a lot in this server and in all the modalities, however I would like to enter the clan to help the players to solve their doubts as well as to try harder as a game inside the server. But mainly to improve my skills as a player inside the server, since to be part of the MX clan I feel more motivated to continue improving and continue on this server.
I can mention that it is very helpful that I can speak two languages ​​(English and Spanish) in this way we can help more players of the server.

Contact me:
Skype: misael.uribe2
Discord: Winii^#5535

Thanks for reading my Join Request for MX Member!
Best Regards!

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Re: #Winii^

Postby Compa » Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:57 pm

1. Minimal waiting time for a new join request is 2 months, you were declied just 1 month ago ( viewtopic.php?f=20&t=53728&p=69772 )
2. This join request doesn't have the correct join request format. viewtopic.php?f=20&t=26
3. This is a complete copy of your previous join request.

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