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Postby Kndheal3 » Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:45 pm


After a big discussion with no result on discord I decided to post a topic in the forum. Ok there was one result. Mootje do a Erdogan move. Shame to you... Punishing but dont be active. You are funny in a bad way.

In any case... I talk about the Fact that Admins/Moderator are very lazy and that is very schocking. Especially for me as a german player, which need professionalism. Everytime there are so many times that buggers come online or hackers come online. You report that but then.... 90% nothing! If there would be not Alice.... it would be worser!

So... let's see what the Admin say in Discord. (This quotes are not 100% 1to1 but in the content)

Nr.1: "The Admins are busy to improve the Server in the background"

Nr.2: "Report and we punish the player when we see it"

Nr.3: "We are always active on Discord to check reports"

This 3 facts are just bad excuses for incompetent, dubios behavior. Especially for this server with great history.
How I can destroy this 3 facts easy?

MX has 33 Forum MX Member. The Private MX Forum has 42 Members but only 21 Members are in the MX Clan on the Server. This is so confusing. What is now the right number? 42? 33? 21? MX should represent the Server, so the right number for me is 21. Every other Member is a bad MX Member and that is intolerably.

So let's take this 21 Member and look on this Stats:
Just in Case. It dosent matter if you are active in the forum or discord. Buggers dont care about the forum or discord.

MX-Compa: Last Time On:24.09.2018 (Semi-Inactive)
And yes... He is the Leader of MX and yes he should improve the Server.... But... I dont see anything?!

MX-TopRed: Last Time On: 05.12.2018 (inactive)
Also here... How you want explain that. He has 30k games!

MX-Jessie: Last Time On: 04.12.2018 (inactive)
MX-Souf: Last Time On:03.12.2018 (inactive)
MX-Speed: Last Time On: 03.09.2016 (he deserved a kick)
MX-Mootje: Last Time On: 14.12.2018 (active)
MX-i6Zenn: Last Time On: 23.12.2017 (he deserved a kick)
Diaz Last Time On: 02.01.2018 (he deserved a kick)
MX-Nandes Last Time On: 11.06.2015 (he deserved a kick)
MX-Remix Last Time On: 15.12.2018 (active?)
MX-Alice Last Time On: 15.12.2018 (active)

Now my ask: Who is Moderrator? They others are so inactive that you cant even know who is who. I dont want analyse them but there are also bad like the Admin. Just look on the Admins and knowing Moderators.

We have 10 Admins, where 4 are very inactive. Just 2 look active and that is very bad. We also know that they play mostly only 1 hour each day.
So.... There is no background improving. You can't see anything on the server. The facts on the cp information talk agianst the first excuse. I say it a again. It dosen't help the people, when you are active in the discord.

Excuse No2.
The main problem is the bugger. A bugger which is 30mins on the server. When you report that on discord as a emergency call.... absolutely ineffective. Just 10-15% of this reports can help directly. The effrontery is this admin (i cant remember it) who ask for a screen. Its that your fucking serious? You are damn Admin. You should be on the server and shouldn't ask for this stupidness. Make your own photo of the situation!

This excuse is totally senseless, except other not important things.

Excuse No3.
Nop... just look on No2. and No1.

So... Now... I have some solutions for the problem:
No1. Kick that lazy inactive Admins! Give someone like MX-Lego a Rank Up because he is active. A Admin Rank is not a worthless rank. You should give inactive admins a other rank (honoary member?!). But if there are still admins.... it's just unacceptable. Inactive Admins should give the new generation a chance.

No2. Create a MX-Member WhatsApp Group
Better than the MX Clanmemberforum. Why? Better communication between the members. Better contact. And everyone has today a phone. (Don't lie, you have a PC!)... Also this private forum has 0 members on. Congratulations!

No3. New Generation
Improve your new MX Member Generation.


(Don't care about the english mistakes... It's not my mother langauge)
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Re: Ghostadmins Alliance

Postby Mootje » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:03 pm


MX Members also have their own personal life, school or job to deal with.
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