unban please

Got banned and think you need a second chance? Make a post here to request an unban.

unban please

Postby MegA!123 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:30 am

In-game nickname:Zoom
When were you banned? 2019/1/23
Who banned you?MX-Mootje
How long are you banned?3 days
Why were you banned?Because I used the name of Mootje because there was someone who was doing sabotage and I wanted him to stop because I used the name but I really sorry
In which server(s) are you banned? Funfdd
Your serial:876CF0AB285800038C4ACC6DBB0C24E2
Your IP:i dont know
Extra information:There was someone who was doing sabotage and someone was hurting me for no reason but I'm sorry to use the name really sorry
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Re: unban please

Postby Mootje » Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:40 pm

Unban request has been declined for spamming admins the whole time to check it.
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