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Postby guestgamer » Thu May 09, 2019 6:55 pm

In-game nickname: Yellow

In-game username: Guestgamer

Discord username: Koenigsegg#3894

Serial: 00504-10040-00000-AA066

How old are you?: 14 years old

Male or Female: Male

Country: Kazakhstan

Since how long did you start playing MTA?: In 2013 I started playing MTA. In 2014 I started to play in MX Servers
What kind of in-game skills do you have? (Gamemodes): FDD and DD. I am still playing on both of them

Have you been in other clans? (Name them): No.

Are there any MX members who may know you?: MX-Alice, MX-Lego and MX-Trevor.

Why do you want to join MX?(Minimal 100 words): There are my reasons why I want to join to your amazing clan:
1. I want to improve my in-game skills in MX clan.
2. There are amazing players in this clan and I want to play with them.
3. Since I was younger, my game dream was to join this clan.
4. I think this is the only clan, where there are only professional players, not new players.
5. I want to help to ban players, who breaks the rules.
6. Since I have not perfect, but great English skills, I want to talk to in-game players. I also know russian and kazakh language.
7. I have not perfect but good reputation on the server.
MX Servers are the only servers, where I am spending the most of my time there.
That's all. Good luck and bye!
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