ideas for mx shooter

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ideas for mx shooter

Postby moode » Sat Oct 08, 2016 8:46 am

hello all

i have ideas , :idea:

1- add more maps to mx shooter

2 - add to shooter /pvp system

like /pvp [name player] [money]

to send pvp you must have 500$ or 800$ or ( as you like)

3- add radio mod , you can run music your link mp3. , and other player hear your music ( i mean if any player near you he can hear your music, not all players)

4- add vote maps (next map)

5- Make a long jump little ( shooter jump )

6- add /ignore system

7- amendment time maps (Big map , 10 or 8 min )(small maps 7 or 5 min)

8- amendment the namespace "TAB" little long

Because my name clan not enough space

this make mx shooter more fun ,

sorry my eng.. ;)

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