As you already may know, running a server like MX isn't for free.
Since we have to pay so much money to keep our server running 24/7 without any problems, we depend on donations.
With the donation money, we update our server with the newest and latest updates and create new functions for our players in-game.

We're asking you for your support:


Mobile Payments by Fortumo

Donator rewards

With a little donation of $1 a week you can help us out!
Of course we give you some really nice rewards in return for your donation to show our thankfulness.
For every dollar you get 1 week donatorship in return.
So for example, you donate $1, you get 1 week donatorship, you donate $8, you get 8 weeks donatorship, and so on.

Benefits for having a donatorship in DD (Destruction Derby)

  • Cheaper maps. (You pay $600 instead of $1500 to buy the next map)
  • Donatorship Group. (Your name will be shown in the donatorship table with a green name)
  • Donators chat (You will have the possiblity to chat with other donators in a private chat)
  • Green color in radar (You will be shown as a green dot in the radar)
  • Nitro at Start (You will start with Nitro everytime a new round starts)

After the donation

You have to contact an admin in-game to get your rewards.