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Welcome to MX Gaming,

We greet you with a numerous amount of gamemodes which you can select. MX Gaming has a vast amount of MTA servers.

MX Gaming holds three kinds of gamemodes of which are: Demolition Derby, Shooter and Fun Demolition Derby. All of which have a great amount of clans and friends that come together to compete and of course show off their fantastic stunt skills.

Current players online (Derby)
Player Points Money
Dastin 160052 $ 1.217.337

Total: 1/32
Current players online (Shooter)
Player Points Money
#Alex 0 $ 0
LOURDES 242 $ 1.239

Total: 2/32
Current players online (FUN / FDD)
Player Points Money
Bihandu 121876 $ 443
Dastin 509684 $ 1.219.631
CrackNig 9439 $ 28.647
ShakaL~228 492 $ 2.600

Total: 4/32

A total of 7 players online on all servers


Merry Christmas

We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas:treetho: and happy holidays on behalf of the whole MX clan.

2020-12-26 » Read more

Account sharing

We've noticed an increase in the amount of players sharing their accounts lately. Sharing your account with another player is strictly forbidden

2020-12-08 » Read more

New maps

We are happy to announce a bunch of map updates in FDD. We added new maps, edited some and deleted bugged maps.

2020-05-08 » Read more

Latest Clan War Results

Date Teams Score Gamemode
2017-09-10 MX vs B# 4-16 DD
2015-10-11 MX vs iLD| 5-15 DD
2015-06-21 MX vs Ns// 11-9 DD
2015-05-16 MX vs [HF] 13-7 DD
2015-05-07 MX vs -ApR// 20-0 DD
2015-05-06 MX vs [HF] 19-1 DD
2015-05-05 MX vs -eXe- 17-3 DD
2015-05-04 MX vs -eXe- 12-8 DD
2015-05-02 MX vs [FAPL] 13-12 DD
2015-05-02 MX vs [HF] 14-6 DD
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